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In defense of Rafael DeSoto

Today's artist is Rafael DeSoto . Many of you have seen some of the pulp covers he created; most likely those for The Spider , Terror Tales , Dime Mystery or Dime Detective . I was recently reading a blog post about David Saunder's book on DeSoto (I can't find the link to the blog anymore), and one of the comments was about how the commenter didn't believe that DeSoto deserved a book, having painted only garish, violent covers. My reaction was immediate; I felt like telling the commenter to go forth and multiply, in slightly different words of course.
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John S. Coppin 1904 - 1986

Self-portrait c. 1943 by John S. Coppin Bio taken from old eBay listing. John S Coppin was the son of Thomas and Maude L (Levett) Coppin of Mitchell, Ontario. He was born 13 Sept 1904, in Mitchell, Ontario and died aged 81 at 1750 Ben Franklin Drive, Sarasota, he died on June 26th 1986 at a local nursing home. He came to Sarasota ca 1969 from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. His GrandFather also John Stevens Coppin was born in 1837 in Cardinham, near Bodmin, Cornwall, England, and came to Canada ca 1865 with his wife Charlotte (Pascoe) and settled in Mitchell, Ontario where they spent the rest of their lives. Untitled by John S. Coppin Michigan Motor News , September 1934 cover by John S. Coppin For 40 years John painted the covers of AAA Motor News , the forerunner of Michigan Living magazine. Noted personalities who posed for him include actor Sir Alec Guiness and eccentric artist Sadakichi Hartmann. The Hartmann portrait is displayed in the National